Ravi Kishan, Manoj Tiwari to be part of Delhi’s star-studded Luv Kush Ramleela

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Delhi is all set for a star-studded Ramleela this October. With forty-five Bollywood actors, Luv Kush Ramleela’s cast includes Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan, Manoj Tiwari and Polish-German actor Claudia Ciesla.
Kishan will play Kevat, a role that Tiwari wanted to resume after last year’s success. Now, he will play Angad, and is confident that being a singer will help him, as his dialogues will be in lyrical form. “I asked for the role of Kevat but Ravi wanted to do that, so I chose Angad instead. This will take a lot of rehearsal and time as the scene is between the two characters, Ravana and Angad. A dialogue always requires more practice than a monologue,” says Tiwari.Kishan is excited about performing live, and says it’s a “true test” of one’s acting skills. “You can’t do retakes. And if you have to cry, there is no glycerin to help. All the emotions are real,” says the actor, who has fond memories of playing Sita in a Ramleela during his childhood.
“I feel more connected to a female character… might be because of my bond with Lord Shiva. But a female character requires a lot more time and rehearsal,” adds KishaWhile the Bhojpuri actors have some experience, Ciesla is new to the Ramleela world, and admits that playing Rati, a Hindu goddess, live on stage won’t be easy.“This is the first time I will be playing a traditional character. I haven’t read Ramayana. To do justice to the role, I am planning to hire a teacher so I am able to mouth Sanskrit dialogues properly. There is a dance performance also and I am really excited about it,” she says.