Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister Manik Munde’s hands released 2 books


Hindi, Marathi and English renowned author and editor of Mr. Manik Munde Ravindra Natya Mandir in Prabhadevi in ​​Mumbai released two books in the hands of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said. Seer of Haridwar at the ceremony, the Buddhist spiritual leader of the Hungarian master Karma Tanpai Giyalsen, Jain monks and Mumbai BJP president Ashish Shelar Pdmsagr Ji Sahib were also present.
The Hindi book – “Midnight came awaken” is a novel, the book-to Marathi “Gain Gain Ovi name” is a compilation of the songs are traditional. His revered mother of these songs composed by Mrs. Munde Gangabai as compile-edit the book is Manik Munde.
BJP national executive member of the festival began Amarjeet Mishra’s statement. Releasing two books on the seer asked Minister Manik Munde literature as well as juicy subject of politics, get off at the dry desert of your thoughts and actions to the public service.
Commenting on this, Nitin Gadkari in his statement, saying that the way politics is a very dry area. The people who are employed, than those people who work in the field of religion and literature is to remember the world. Manik Munde even then they are welcome to come into politics. They can come at any time. The decision will leave it to them, because in politics today who need a lot of good work with sensitivity. Underlining this line of the book if Satyashil said King, then the country can not be bad. And discipline in the country may not be so chaotic nature.
Paced “awaken midnight came,” Gadkari said, stating the need of today’s youth in their efforts by using reality can transform your destiny.
Manik Munde before expressing his emotions and his memory recalled the late-law Gopinath Munde said that Munde greetings bodiless exist between us. I salute them. How do I say that he is our center Lu.
The amazing thing is that in these times where no publisher pays royalties to the author for the book publishing royalties, says Manik Munde million as the amount is received. Hindi Marathi person any royalties for the book was the first time such a large. Manik Munde in the amount of one million Czech Nitin Gadkari to PM’s Relief Fund to help the families of soldiers killed in the submission by the introduction of social responsibility.
On this occasion, Manik Munde and two shared the good news with people present. His Hindi book ‘Midnight came awaken’ Mumbai University MPhil hath chosen for His books four books in the series is set for release. The book equivalent Atiishwar Buddh- Atinirishwar ‘to launch by the end of the same month he had desired.
Manik Munde’s about two thousand copies of the book sold out in handy during the ceremony.nitin-gadkari-union-minister-manik-mundes-hands-released-2-books-10










Mumbai BJP president Ashish Shelar said that the book release function in itself is historic. Earlier, simultaneously released in Hindi and Marathi book happened to date. Released a book by the mother of the son to be a unique event in itself. At one stage in the presence of so many religious leaders and ministers that such an event has never happened in Mumbai. Justice Jain Guru Sahib Ji book Pdmsagr reviewed in his special style and said the book is a book showing the way in the dark. And it certainly will be a bestseller book.
Maharashtra’s Marathwada Agriculture living Manik Munde M.Sc. education after securing several government departments, who was appointed to a senior position in the interest of maintaining Ksahity Manik Munde always tax their joint commissioner resigned joining the Public Life Kikki creation of several books in Hindi, Marathi and English languages ​​in the book the author Manik Munde childhood love of literature I have just resigned from his position and came out in the field of literature.
His first Marathi book ‘Amhi Dongrwashi’, wrote the first book in English is called “Alarm Silence” is his first book in Hindi and ‘mirror-Muaina. They Maharashtra Hindi literature award, “Hindi-speaking service Ahindi Honor Award, the She has received a Marathi film ‘happiness’ are producing more than half the film’s shooting has been completed by November shooting Kfilm and will be released by March. The film’s promotional sanjay bhushan patiyala !